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city: Duluth,
county: Gwinnett,
state: Georgia
country: USA.


I am a Professional Full-Stack Designer with twenty years of design experience with education in Graphic Design. Expert in conceptualization, design, production, and implementation of user interfaces. Specialization in building dynamic content with HTML 5, CSS 3, jQuery and Adobe Creative suites utilizing corporate design standards and or phenomenal design sense.


1152x870   Freelance - July, 2008 - Current   Responsible for creative direction, project analysis and development of various presentations. Providing development oversight of design presentations, graphics and animations utilizing Flash Action Script / Adobe applications.
Unable to divulge client list due to current confidentiality agreements.


  • Internal Spark Portal design
  • Power Point presentations
  • Multi PDF form design
  • Portal site design and development

Sample links:

Moulin Vert - French Haute Cuisine, Restaurant

  • Project analysis
  • Identity design and analysis
  • Logo, Signage, Menu Design
  • Web site design and development

Terry Beckom - Personal Trainer - Fitness Instructor

  • Project analysis, Design and development
  • Web site Design and development

Desktop Presentation - Double “T” Concrete Slab and Support

  • Adobe CS3, Action Script 3, External class library based on OOP patterns.
  • Extensive Illustration from construction expert hand drawings using Adobe Illustrator CS3.

Walkway Beam

  • Extensive Illustration using Adobe Illustrator CS3 from construction expert hand drawings.

Desktop Presentation - 3D Photographic Fire Extinguisher

  • Action Script 3, External class library based on OOP patterns, custom asynchronous tween class.

Desktop Presentation - US Minimum Wage Animation

  • Adobe CS3, Action Script 2, External class library based on OOP concurrency patterns, parsing of external XML Data.
  • 2008 wage data for all 50 states for multistate wage dispute.

Amortization Graph

  • 3D Illustration using Adobe Illustrator CS3 to simplify standard loan amortization.
Litigation Presentation Inc.  Lead Flash Designer/Developer - January, 2006 - June, 2008   Responsible for conceptualization, design, production and implementation of all court room graphics/animations utilizing Flash Action Script / Adobe CS3. Additional duties included interviewing and supervising Sr. Designers, Jr. Designers, freelance designers and production and maintenance of all online capabilities. Acted as Lead On-Site Design/Project for high-profile courtroom trials, and interfaced with forensic experts on complex litigation animations. Additionally, responsible for the creation and oversight of an in-house photography studio resulting in costs savings of approximately $100k/yr in production costs.
Clients include Samsung International, Michelin, Georgia-Pacific and City of Modesto, CA

Sample links:

Desktop Interactive Exhibit - Lee v. Terry

  • Action Script 2, XML Data, External classes, Complex Multidimensional Arrays, Associative Array with string keys, TimeLine of event, external exhibits with document highlights / pullouts

Desktop Interactive Exhibit - Graph Exhibit

  • Action Script 2, Tween Multiple data points, Custom Menu events classes.

Desktop Interactive Exhibit - Fetal Strip Heart Monitor

  • Action Script 2, Dynamic text, embedded cue points, document highlights / pullouts classes.

Template Desktop Interactive Exhibit - Time Line

  • Action Script 2, Parse External XML, Plot points based off date and time object, Scaleable timeline, Exhibit libraries with dynamic highlights, Multiple date and user Events, Custom pullout classes, Associative array with string keys, Template model.
Vesdia Corp.  Contract Designer - February, 2005 - December, 2005   Responsible for conceptualization, architecture and design of Vesdia’s Vnet and Merchant portals. Also responsible for conceptualization, design, and production of multiple ASP.NET online rewards sites within corporate design and Section 508 Compliance standards. Designed user enrollment processes “Vnet” and trained telephone helpdesk personnel on the new processes.
Clients include Citi Thankyou, Citi Rewards, and Vesdia.

Think Inc.  Contract Designer - November, 2004 - December, 2004   Responsible for conceptualization, design and production of assigned projects, including Think website and various other online client advertising utilizing corporate design standards. Assisted with site architecture of Thinks’ portfolio website and consulted with the Creative Director in client strategy meetings.
Clients include Bell South, ALLTEL, Think Inc.

State of Georgia, DOAA.  Contract Designer - July, 2004 - November, 2004   Responsible for conceptualization, design, production, training and implementation of Department of Audits and Accounts intranet site utilizing Oracle’s portal and OpenCMS. Integrated user interface design of online application. Analyzed the viability of “Oracle’s portal” and “OpenCMS” to determine the best approaches; choosing “OpenCMS” saved the State of Georgia $120k. Trained State of Georgia internal users on how to use the new Intranet built in “OpenCMS”. Created template of required Georgia Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) to save on future design costs and implementation time.

Sample links:

State of Georgia DOAA Intranet

  • OpenCMS, JSP, HTML, CSS, HTML Site templates.
Cartoon Network Latin America  Senior Web Designer - July, 1999 - September, 2003   Responsible for design, production and implementation of six Cartoon Network pan-regional web sites in three languages. Provided creative direction for materials supporting On-Air, Print, Marketing, Public Relations and Ad Sales activities with a focus on user friendliness, brand assurance and fast load times. Additional duties included supervising outside agencies, Jr. Designers, freelance designers and the production of online interactive games.

DesignWeb/Studio B  Senior Web Designer - March, 1997 - July, 1999   Supervised the creative direction, design and production of all client World Wide Web sites. Implemented programs to reduce production coding times to handle the growing number of clients with diverse needs. Provided education and troubleshooting for clients. Suggested features and enhancements throughout the relationship to meet clients changing needs.
Clients include Cannon School, Ingersoll-Rand, and Wake Forest University.

BizNexus  Web Designer - July, 1996 - February, 1997   Developed innovative designs for effective and user friendly corporate presence on the World Wide Web utilizing HTML, Java, Java script, and database interfaces. Researched and implemented image and color standards for the company to use in site production.
Clients include The Grovepark Inn.

Jeff Sanders  Graphic Designer - July, 1994 - January, 1996   Developed programs, parking passes, menus, ticket, and logos for six different golf tournaments. Generated materials for Portland Pride indoor soccer team. Automated and improved existing logo files for electronic layouts. Developed electronic files for pre-press. Researched and submitted recommendations for new computer equipment and graphics programs to meet the company’s growing needs.






city: Duluth,
county: Gwinnett,
state: Georgia
country: USA.


School: Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, OR
Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts
Concentration: Graphic Design
Graduation: May 1996
Focus: The melding together of traditional design with interactivity


Languages: Action Script 3 / Action Script 2 / HTML / XHTML / CSS / XML / Java Script / CGI / JSP Applications: Adobe Creative suites / Microsoft Office / Notepad++ / BBEdit Platforms: Windows XP / Windows 7 / Apple Macintosh Other: OpenCMS / Oracle’s portal / Section 508 Compliance / Network Support


Ability to provide technical project management and leadership from initial planning and specifications phase through post-implementation review phase / Ability to develop high quality code / Ability to stay current with the latest technological developments and effectively assess which might improve technology infrastructure / Ability to develop and recommend cost-effective technical improvements / Ability to barrel roll in tube / Familiar working in both large and small team environments / High sense of project-driven timelines and urgency / Ability to multi-task on various projects simultaneously

and Emotions

Scott Hathcoat Color Theory

- Importance of color in design

The Situation

Research into Color Theory to convey complex legal arguments


To understand the the psychology of color in a design / legal design


I was wondering how to choose the best colors to influnce a jury to see the legal argument I was working on at any given time. I found a wealth of knowledge on the subject as it related to design and marketing.

I built an simple infographic to help in the design process to convey complex legal arguments.


Color Psychology and Color Therapy by Faber Birren November, 1978

RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN COLOR AND EMOTION: A STUDY OF COLLEGE STUDENTS Kaya, Naz; Epps, Helen H. College Student Journal38.3 (Sep 2004): 396-405.

The Four Dimensional Impact of Color on Shopper’S Emotions Malaika Brengman, Ghent University, Limburgs Universitair Centrum Maggie Geuens, Ghent University (2004)

Continued Research Sources:

The Psychology of Color in Marketing and Web Design by morriscreative01

Color Psychology and Online Marketing for Law Firms by Tanner Jones in Design for Conversions






city: Duluth,
county: Gwinnett,
state: Georgia
country: USA.

Scott B. Hathcoat  is a Full-Stack Designer with twenty years of design experience with education in Graphic Design. Expert in conceptualization, design, production, and implementation of user interfaces in Atlanta Georgia.



city: Duluth,
county: Gwinnett,
state: Georgia
country: USA.







city: Duluth,
county: Gwinnett,
state: Georgia
country: USA.