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Scott Hathcoat - Portfolio Redesign

Scott Hathcoat - Portfolio Redesign/1152 WireFrame Sample

The Situation

Scott Hathcoat Portfolio Redesign


Convert Flash Portfolio into HTML


First step is deciding how to convert or do a complete redesign, maybe a partial redesign? I decided on a partial redesign. HTML5 css3 responsive design. Some one suggested I use googles Swift? In my expernce Flash to HTML converters don't work with complex Flash AS3-XML files. I first designed the site to be separate pages. After building the wireframes it was begging to be a one page site with diffent sections. I love how wireframes can change the entire experience from what I had first envisioned.

  • Wireframe site layout
  • Partial redesign
  • Analysis and design
  • Web site design and development